Mains- Lamb


Lamb mince dumplings full of spices and flavours, slowly cooked in lamb mince sauce. Bukhara’s own invention and specialty.

Very Renowned Lamb curry from India cooked in onion-tomato based sauce and spices with perfection.

Tender pieces of lamb cooked in medium spiced Bhuna sauce with chopped onion and capsicum.

One of the spicy Lamb curry from Maharashtra cooked in coconut chilli based gravy.

Diced lamb sautéed with Mysore chilli and curry leaves cooked in South Indian style.

Spicy tender Lamb pieces in south Indian style with pepper-based sauce, tossed with green chilli and curry leaves.

Delicately spiced and delicious curry of lamb cooked with fresh fenugreek in house gravy.

Tender lamb cooked in combination of onion, tomato and bit of cashew based golden gravy with chopped capsicum and tomato.

Andhra style lamb curry cooked with green chilli, curry leaves and coconut cream.

Lamb curry made with coconut cream, tamarind extract, red chilli, mustard seeds and fresh curry leaves.

Tender lamb with garlic, onion and tomato cooked in spinach-based gravy with touch of cream.

Lamb tossed with mustard seeds and curry leaves cooked in coconut tomato based gravy.

Very mild curry from Mughlai cuisine flavoured with creamy and richness of spices, cashew nuts and aromatic essence.

Marinated Lamb cubes cooked in creamy tomato cashew gravy with delicate herbs.

Delicately spiced lamb cubes tossed with fresh curry leaves and mustard seeds simmered in mango pulp based in house gravy.